Top 10 Best Dog Food

You would think feeding your dog any old dog food would be okay, but making sure that your pet is eating the top 10 Best Dog Food  Is important because of the right nutrition. Just because dog food is dog food doesn’t mean it has all the same qualities, all dogs are created differently. The quality of dog food varies from the manufacturertop 10 best dog food and you can’t always trust the label.

Even though there are a lot of quality brands of food on the market, some choose to cut corners by using low quality products and artificial additives such as glycol, MSG, and corn syrup. If you have a cat check out this Top 10 cat food brands list!

Dog food manufacturers are not regulated like human foods are. So you have to do some digging on the right quality dog food you want to buy, and that’s why we created this Top 10 Best Dog Food list.

Here’s a List of Top 10 Best Dog Food.

 Taste of the wild

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Here’s why taste of the wild side makes our Top 10 Best Dog Food. It will reduce the risk of food allergies and has nutritionally dense formula.

Some dogs can digest grain carbohydrates, but they have a potential to activate food allergies in certain dogs. Taste of the wild gets that dogs want natural flavored food.

It’s formulated around real meats like bison, venison, and lamb. This is real meat and the first ingredient in their recipe.

All of this brands products are supplemented with highly digestible carbohydrates for more fiber and energy. This product also received the number one rating for grain free dog food brands and is also rated number one on Amazon.

This product is a grain free formula with sweet potatoes and peas which provides highly digestible energy for your active dog and it’s made with real roasted meat, this formula offers a taste sensation like no other product. It’s supplemented with vegetables and fruits, this formula delivers antioxidants to help give your dog a healthy lifestyle!

Here’s a list of ingredients

Buffalo, lamb meal, chicken meal, sweet potatoes, peas, potatoes, canola oil, egg product, roasted bison, roasted venison, beef, natural flavor, tomato pomice, potato protein, Pea protein, ocean fish meal, salt, coline chloride, dried chicory root, tomatoes, blueberries, raspberries,

Blue Buffalo

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Here’s why Blue Buffalo makes it on the Top 10 Best Dog Food. They offer great recipes for dry and wet dog food, and the ingredients in their food are all natural. If you’re trying to find really high quality dog food I definitely recommend Blue Buffalo brand.

Blue Buffalo is one of the top manufacturers of natural dog food. Blue Buffalo believes pets are part of the family and that they should be treated equally. This is why Blue Buffalo uses the highest quality ingredients in each of its products.

Not only does Blue Buffalo have great dry food but they have a five-star wet food brand. Blue Buffalo follows a dotted line to approach the best pet nutrition. They choose each ingredient carefully to make sure that your pet has a complete and balanced nutrition without using any byproducts, or artificial additives.

Blue Buffalo is also a US-based company so therefore it’s held to higher standards. Another reason why to buy from blue buffalo is because this company has created hundreds of products and was created over two decades ago.

Here are a list of ingredients inside Blue Buffalo-

Turkey, salmon, duck, lamb, high quality proteins not commonly used in dog food, easy digestible carbohydrates, omega three and six fatty acids, pumpkin for gentle gentle digestion, no corn, wheat, soy, dairy or eggs and no chicken or beef.

Blue Wilderness

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Here’s why Blue wilderness makes the Top 10 Best Dog Food. Blue wilderness dog food received the second highest rating tear of 4.5 stars. Blue wilderness offers a variety of great ingredients in their recipe.

Blue wilderness is a high protein type of dog food, so you don’t have to add supplements to your dogs diet. This food also contains a number of different vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

Also the meat protein content has extreme quality in it. Blue wilderness also is a grain free meet space dog food using a good amount of poultry, fish or beef as a source of animal protein.

Here is a list of ingredients –

Salmon, chicken meal, tapioca starch, peas, pea protein, total protein, dried egg, tomato pomice, chicken fat, menhaden fish meal, flaxseed, pea fiber, alfalfa meal, chicory root, prebiotic, dried yeast.


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Next on our Top 10 Best Dog Food. This brand gives your dog the energy and nourishment it needs. It is named one of the Top 10 Best Dog Food. This brand is rich in meat and proteins and each of the products contains up to 90% meat which is more than three times the amount used in dog food.

This is also a grain free style pet food which contains fresh fruits and vegetables and it only contains up to 20% carbohydrates. Orijen has highly digestible carbs like pumpkin, lentils, leafy greens, and fresh fruits and the recipe is a natural grain free product.

Dogs are limited on what type of foods they can digest, so having grain free carbohydrates is a valuable addition. This company only sells dry dog foods, but all around it is suitable for all types of dogs from puppies, adults, and senior dogs.

The reason why it makes the Top 10 Best Dog Food list is because it has high protein formulas. The carbohydrates are limited and it has low glycemic. Orijen is formulated for different life stages with a minimum 38% crude protein, and all grain free recipes.

Here’s a list of ingredients-

Meat and protein rich made with 85% premium meat ingredients,Chicken, Turkey, flounder, whole eggs, mackerel, chicken liver and turkey liver, chicken heart and turkey heart,navy and pinto beans, red and green lentils, chicken peas, alfalfa, chicory root, prebiotic.

Canidae Life stages

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Our next Top 10 Best Dog Food is Canidae. If you’re trying to get a premium brand of dry dog food that offers a selection of high quality recipes. This is what you’re looking for!

This dog food is a plant-based dry dog food using a moderate amount of meets as its main source of protein, therefore earning this brand a 4.5 stars.

There is no corn, wheat, or soy which makes this product a good choice for your dog because it doesn’t contain the common filler foods in most common dog foods.

This is an independent family-owned company and they buy their ingredients from other family owned businesses in the United States. This product features seven recipes made only with the best proteins and digestible carbohydrates.

In addition to three lifestage formulas. Those are puppies, senior dogs, and large dogs.

Here are a list of ingredients –

Chicken meal, turkey meal, lamb meat, brown rice, white rice, peas, potato, oatmeal, cracked pearl barley, chicken fat, flaxseed, ocean fish meal, son cured alfalfa, tomato pomice.


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Next on our top 10 best dog food list is Fromm which is a four star rated dog food. Fromm has been receiving great reviews from many different online retail stores. Fromm is loaded with chicken and duck meal.

The chicken meal within Fromm contains 300% more protein then common ingredients. Fromm has a nice variety of barley, brown rice, and oats.

Fromm is packed with high proteins and omega-3 proteins and does not contain any harmful chemical byproducts or preservatives like cheaper dog food brands tend to use.

The key benefits of Fromm is that it’s made without grains. Yucca Schidigera extract reduces odor in stool and chicken cartilage supports joint health.

Chicory root reduces risk of worms and Taurine helps developing the heart and the eyes, plus this product is made in the USA and the ingredients are delivered fresh daily.

Wellness Core

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Wellness core natural grain free dry dog food is 100% natural grain free dog food made with chicken, turkey, salmon oil and fruits and vegetables.

This helps support your dogs optimal health and fortify with probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, including fish omega and flax omega blend for healthy skin and coat.

This formula is based on the nutritional philosophy that dogs should thrive on a diet mainly comprised of meat. This specific dog food brand contains high quality meat based proteins with poultry and fish.

 Purina Pro Plan

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Purina Pro plan focus is a large breed formula for adult dogs that are 50 pounds or higher. It’s first ingredient is real chicken and it helps provide protein and essential building blocks within your dog’s body.

It’s highly digestible formula promotes bio availability which means the formula supports optimal nutrient absorption with 26% being protein and 12% fat in each serving.

This is a premium dog food recipe helps maintain an ideal weight and body condition, that being said every ingredient that is in Purina Pro plan is high quality.

Purina Pro plan also helps with skin softening and helps shine the coat with antioxidants that help support immune systems and settles sensitive stomachs.

Some of the key benefits of Purina is that it’s manufactured and owned in USA facilities without the use of any added artificial preservatives.

Purina is a unique formula that includes zinc to help nourish the skin and promote that extra shiny coat. It’s also crafted with omega-3 and omega six fatty acids to assist on promoting healthy joints while increasing mobility and is highly digestible due to the prebiotic.


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Merrick real Texas beef + sweet potato recipe delivers allergy friendly nutrition and a grain free recipe that offers Deboned beef and sweet potatoes, apples, peas, and blueberries and many more key ingredients.

Its formula is vitamins and minerals for a complete and balanced nutrition and contains high doses of glucosamine and chondroitin for extreme mobility and it has Omega three and six fatty acids to help with healthy skin to keep a shiny coat.

Some of the key benefits are that this company uses locally sourced ingredients from farmers who they know and trust.

There are no ingredients from China in this specific brand that are so commonly used in cheap dog food. Merrick’s is a grain free recipe with no gluten in the ingredients, no preservatives, and no artificial colors.

Royal Canine

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The Royal canine family of products is a exceptional brand of dog food. All of their products are amazing and they support all different types of dogs for their specific needs and is recommended by veterinarians.

If your dog suffers from a digestive order like pancreatitis, entropathy, bacteria overgrowth, or bile acid deficiency, then regular dog food brands may not be the answer.

The Royal canine was actually created by a veterinarian and helps maintain digestive health, heavyweight, and is 100% complete and balanced nutrition and has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

The Royal canine low-fat is highly digestible and is a complete and balanced dog food and the diet is restricted in fat.

Basically what this means is that the Royal canine has the lowest fat in all of its ingredients then all the other dog food brands on the market.

Why These Are The Top 10 Best Dog Food

In terms of why these are the Top 10 Best Dog Food is because they’re all extremely healthy for your dog, and offer a great amount of protein and vitamins that are not in traditional dog food.

None of these dog brands are in a particular order, but they all meet the requirements that I look for to feed my dog. So many dog foods now a days are using filler foods that aren’t healthy for your dog.

I want to feed what’s best for my pet and, what’s also best for me and, also is best for you, because at the end of the day you’re the one that has to clean up after your dog.

Also these Top 10 Best Dog Food don’t contain any corn and wheat gluten, or any byproducts or BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin. Food Dyes .

Also cats and dogs suffer from kidney failure and death who consume pet foods containing melamine, produced in China. That’s why I like to stay with American-based companies because they are held to a higher standard. Melamine is a component of plastic and increases nitrogen.

A lot of pet food manufacturers create a less-expensive product using poor quality ingredients and these ingredients can make your pet suffer from life-threatening toxicity and this is in some Chinese made products.

Unfortunately Pet food ingredients are considered to be feed grade instead of human grade and feed grade ingredients are lower quality then human grade.

Taste of the Wild

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    Me and my wife have been struggling to find a good brand of food since adopting our two puppies. One is allergic to corn, and the other is very picky about what he chooses. We tried Canidae Life stages after seeing it here, and they both seem to love it so far. It’s one the only brand so far without corn that our dogs will eat without breaking our bank.

    Thank you for your help.


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      Just a little heads up! Blue Buffalo also makes a grain free food for dogs that are allergic to corn.

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        Hey thnx for commenting, also be sure to send us your email for updates! Blue Buffalo makes a lot of great products, Here’s a great dog food formula with no corn, specifically for dogs with allergies.

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    Very helpful information !! I’ve been looking to get the best food for my new puppy and I love how you listed the ingredients !! I decided to go with taste of the wild thanks!!

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